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Osteopathic Manual Medicine involves a truly holistic approach; it supports the body’s ability to self-regulate by restoring its normal structure and function. Osteopathy encompasses a wide range of techniques addressing problems in joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and fascia that may cause pain or interfere with nervous, circulatory, and internal organ function. 

Osteopaths with specialty training in the "cranial field" work with the bones of the cranium, the fascial coverings (meninges), the fluids, and especially the central nervous system (the brain) to access the whole person, for both treatment of dysfunction and improvement of health. Sometimes called cranial osteopathy, it is an additional set of skills gained by osteopaths to better address the whole body.

"Osteopathy depends on detailed anatomic knowledge, a hightly trained sense of touch, and the physician's diagnostic skill and experience." - Dr. Dan Shadoan

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